LeanSixSigma.eu (L6S) is an independent company aiming to raise awareness of Lean Six Sigma in the private and public sectors, for the purpose of ensuring efficiency and effectiveness of business processes and workflows.

On the one hand to increase productivity in society and on the other hand ensure that sound environmental and workplace conditions. L6S cooperate with an Alderman network group of about a dozen people to ensure optimum performance and development of the concept.

On this beliefs L6S conducts advanced, business-oriented research and development combined with commission work for both private and public sector clients. We have broad competences within process optimization and contribute in quality areas with both efficiency and effectiveness in daily work.

We aim to solve even complex problems with a holistic approach and sharing of knowledge. We are project oriented and focussed on developing human resources through training and education. We are also competent in extracting information from multivariate data analyses and designed experiments.
We have established a networking Alderman Group to accredit our work.

Lean six sigma business process improvement, handing over certificate

Our philosophy is based on beliefs that:

Process optimization and product development must be based on a holistic approach to human, financial and technological
preconditions and adhere to theprinciples of long-term
sustainability and responsible resource use

Optimal, cost-effective solutions
exist for most problems

Protection of humans and the
environment can be combined
with technological development
and economic growth

A healthy environment with
natural resources is among the
best we can pass on to the
coming generations